Urban Seoul Soothes my South OC Soul

Urban Seoul is a welcome escape in the maddening Irvine Spectrum.  Easily accessible on the 5 Freeway side, it serves reasonably-priced Korean-American-Mexican fusion in an environment that feels both modern and rustic.  Friendly service and an interesting drink list (Soju Margaritas, a variety of sakes, semi-local beers on draft) are the finishing touch to what everyone comes to Urban Seoul for:  the food.  Party of two?  All you need are the Gogi Quesadillas (4 cut servings ber plate) and Spicy Pork Bibimbap (two people can share one…unless you’re super-hangry).   And some drinks, of course.   Go now, before this place becomes too popular to get a table.  Open for lunch.  Happy Hour 4:30-6:30 on weekdays.

Located between Pieology and Wahoo’s on the 5 Freeway side.  No need to park in a structure, there’s plenty right outside its door.


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